On our road trip in 2015, Channel 6 in Indianapolis did a great spot on us. I picked up Joe and the kids from the airport just in time to see The Whalemobile on the TV there!!

21 Alive in Ft. Wayne also did a spot when we were there!

In spring of 2015,  I had the privilege of spending a whale watch with Nan Hauser (from the Cetacean Research and Conservation and Director of the Cook Islands Whale and Wildlife Centre) and the crew of Channel 5's Chronicle.

The Rollins School in Lawrence, MA. Thank you to the person who spent so much time putting this together. I love it!!!

Here is a promotional video  that explains a little about what The Whalemobile does.


The Whalemobile is grateful for all the great press we've had.

At the end of the summer, The Whalemobile was at Maritime Gloucester for a community event. Over 120 people came in the whale in a short time!!! Here's The Boston Globe article leading up to the event.  The Gloucester Daily Times featured an article as well.

Lawrence Eagle Tribune had a front page article!

The Whalemobile was featured at Glen Urquhart's Open House on October 27, 2013!! See the ad in
Northshore Magazine.

Front page photo on the
Newburyport Daily News!

Elizabeth Preston wrote a great blog post about The Whalemobile's Road Trip in the end of 2015

Cynde McInnis Mission to Save Whales: Featured in
Northshore Magazine, July 2013 p 36