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    In the end, we conserve only what we love, love only what we understand, and understand only what we are taught. ~Baba Dioum

    What is The Whalemobile!


    See Whales in the Wild

    Cynde has worked as a naturalist at Cape Ann Whale Watch since 1996. Click here to see more

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    Cynde does programs at local libraries and those are open to the public. Check out the upcoming programs and locations.

      "Cynde and Nile visited our local Elementary School speaking to grades 2-5. Over two hundred students and teachers were completely enthralled watching Nile grow into a full life size humpback whale! I heard only positive comments from the teachers after the program. How excited their students were to hold the whale artifacts and go inside the whale and how remarkable Cynde was in dealing with and educating the children about whales. Cynde also set up several stations about whales in the library the next day. Several children from the elementary school came to the library with their younger siblings wanting to learn more! Great program for schools and libraries."

      -- Barbara Twigg, Branch Manager, Sharpsburg Library, Sharpsburg MD.

      The Whalemobile is a life-sized humpback whale modeled after a real whale, named Nile, who spends her summers off the coast of Massachusetts. Cynde McInnis brings Nile into schools, libraries and summer programs sharing her 22 years of experience as a whale watch naturalist with children. Whale biology, sounds, natural history, and individual identification are among a few topics she presents using slides, sounds and video.

      What started as a love for whales when she was a child, has led to a deep desire to protect our planet. By bringing Nile into your school (and taking your students inside her), she hopes to share this passion and inspire the next generation of ocean advocates.  ~Cynde